Brief History

RapidPro was founded in 1994 when an engineer with a dream started his own company, working from his garage. He had the education, enough cash, and the desire to be successful. So, he took out a loan and purchased his first piece of prototyping equipment called a Stereo-Lithography machine. He then leased an office in south Longmont, hired a couple of employees, and began to build his business. 

At this time, a local man named Ron Angstead was working as the production manager and Vice President of InterMountain Railway Company when he was informed that Rapid Prototyping Corporation was for sale. In July of 2001, the founder of RPC and Ron Angstead got in contact. Ron was interested in the cutting edge technology and excited about the possibility of becoming involved with this high-tech prototyping firm. Ron discussed the opportunity with his associates and established serious interest from his business partner from Boston. Angstead put the deal together and the new company was born! 

Mr. J.P. Barger purchased RPC on August 21st, 2001 with the understanding that Ron Angstead would take over as the President and CEO to manage the company. Angstead was enthusiastic and motivated as he began to run the struggling company under a new plan for growth and change. Three weeks later our country and or world would be changed forever. The World Trade Center in New York City was attacked and the economy across the country took a steep dive. The new start for RPC instantly became an extremely difficult challenge. Through the adversity was a need for quick decision-making to overcome the new obstacles. Angstead and a few of his associates rallied together to loan the company $100,000 that would later be converted to stock purchases. This capital would help the company get through a few weeks until they could recover orders that were frozen or canceled. The economic paralysis did not last long and soon the orders started rolling in again, and an aggressive marketing campaign would yield good results over time. The addition of new manufacturing processes and an increase in outsourcing capabilities allowed RPC to grow quickly. Angstead changed the name to a more appropriate RapidPro Manufacturing Corporation, and by 2005 the sales had reached nearly $3,000,000 – more than double the amount it had been in 2001. 

RapidPro has a long history of success…