Engineering Services

Top Notch Engineering Team

Our expert design engineering team works closely and collaboratively with our customers to develop creative solutions to technical challenges. RapidPro’s design process provides your product the opportunity to meet functionality, manufacturing, cost, quality, and marketing expectations. We use state of the art 3D CAD software to create and manipulate your product design. 

Our team specializes in DFMA (design for manufacturability & assembly) and emphasizes how essential it is to create and process components that work together. 

Evaluation and risk assessment of your mechanical design
Identify potential areas of risk, complexity, and inefficiency and address them upfront, which allows the transition into functional prototyping and testing and eventual volume production to happen much more smoothly and effectively. 

RapidPro’s team was developed with the vision of being a well-rounded and cohesive unit. This philosophy has given us the capability to jump in at whatever stage your product requires, giving our clients the unique opportunity of developing a product from only a concept all the way through to production here in one location with one team that understands the specific details related to your project.