Prototyping Services

Viper SLA

State of the Art Equipment

RapidPro has recently added new, state of the art prototyping equipment to our arsenal, making our spectrum of prototype capabilities better than ever before!

The advantages of prototyping are that you:
  • Have a solid foundation from which to ideate towards improvements—giving all stakeholders a clear picture of the potential benefits, risks and costs associated with where a prototype might lead.
  • Can adapt changes early—thereby avoiding commitment to a single, falsely-ideal version, getting stuck, and later incurring heavy costs due to oversights.
  • Show the prototype to your users so they can give you their feedback to help pinpoint which elements/variants work best and whether an overhaul is required.
  • Have a tool to experiment with associated parts of the users’ needs and problems—therefore, you can get insights into less-obvious areas of the users’ world (e.g., you notice them using it for additional purposes or spot unforeseen accessibility issues such as challenges to mobile use).
  • Provide a sense of ownership to all concerned stakeholders—therefore fostering emotional investment in the product’s ultimate success.
  • Improve time-to-market by minimizing the number of errors to correct before product release.