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I'm in Engineering, why might I want prototype parts?

Whether you are in the medical, aerospace telecommunications, computer, electronics, automotive, or consumer products industries, conceptual models can help you evaluate your design before time-consuming, engineering changes or expensive tooling adjustments eat away at your budget. By checking clearances and accommodating ergonomic considerations, you can develop design faster, easier and more economical.

I'm a Program Manager. Why would I want prototype parts?

 Program Managers are often responsible for a project's time-to-market and its overall cost to develop. Getting the design optimized early, avoids spending valuable time later for rework. The prototypes can then be used by other functional areas to speed up their activities. For example, give them to your Purchasing Department so they can get more accurate bids, to your Customer Service organization so they can begin support planning, and finally to Manufacturing for their valuable input and support. 

I'm in Marketing. Why would I want prototype parts?

Prototypes are a great way to introduce new products to your customers. Show them to your key clients to get their feedback. Bring them with you to meetings and conventions to generate product interest to encourage early sales orders. 

I'm in Manufacturing. Why would I want prototype parts?

 By having prototype parts when you are planning or beginning the manufacturing process you can develop procedures and tools to ensure producability and reduce assembly times. Use them to reduce errors while interpreting engineering drawings too.

I need a prototype, but I don't have my design in a CAD file. Can I still get stereolithography parts?

Yes! Send us your engineering drawings, even sketches are okay. RapidPro Manufacturing will create the CAD files necessary to generate Stereolithography prototypes.

I need a prototype and I've got my design in a CAD file. What formats can you work with?

We can accept nearly all CAD file formats. If your format does not generate stereolithography parts directly, we can convert most formats into a one than can. Among the file formats we work with regularly are: Pro-Engineer, Solid Works, Aries, AutoCAD, ME-30, Microstation, Graftek, SDRC, and CADKEY.

How much does the stereolithography process cost?

Stereolithography, the most popular rapid prototyping method compares favorably with machining costs and offers faster turnaround times. Since time is money, stereolithography prototyping is a great value. Stereolithography can even produce complex prototypes that conventional machining is not capable of producing.

What if I need more than 1 or 2 prototype parts?

From a single STL prototype RPC can create a mold for low-volume cast urethane or epoxy parts or create Bridge Tooling for thousands of parts! We are also able to interface with local manufacturers who can use our 3-D files to mass produce your parts.

So how rapid is rapid prototyping using stereolithography?

 No matter how complex, your part can be ready in as little as a few days "or less".