To improve the speed of metal part fabrication, RapidPro Manufacturing's product development team utilizes the SLS Laser Form technology. This process works directly from a CAD file and fine layers of LaserForm ST-100 stainless steel powder are deposited, layer by layer, and the SLS process sinters (heats and bonds) each layer into a part or tool. Upon completion of final curing process, the part becomes a fully dense metal part with characteristics of steel. Through this technology, RapidPro Manufacturing can provide clients one to several hundred metal prototype and production parts.

LaserForm Metal Part Benefits

  • Fast, durable metal parts produced without casting, machining or tooling
  • High thermal conductivity
  • Characteristics similar to steel
  • Great for complex features and geometry

Precision CNC Machining And Fabrication

Rapidpro provides a wide array of machining and fabrication services for jigs, fixtures, gages, dies, and general precision machining. We have both CNC mills and CNC lathes that can easy hold tolerances of 0.001 of an inch. We can machine plastic and metal parts to produce functional prototypes, models, and patterns. Other machining services include electrical discharge machining (EDM), engraving, and more.

Metal Castings

We utilize several casting technologies to fabricate parts in a variety of metals for prototype and production parts without the expense of hard tooling. Our SLA prototyping process is utilized to fabricate mold master patterns. Casting methods include sand casting (loose pattern), and plaster casting (a.k.a. simulated die cast). Casting metals include Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Stainless Steel, and Carbon Steel.


Preferred CAD File Formats
Pro-E (.igs)
Solid Works native part file (*sldprt)
AutoCAD/Mechanical Desktop spatial ascii text file (*.sat)
SDRC Ideas stl file (*.stl)
Solid Designer spatial ascii text file (*.sat)
Other CAD programs trimmed surface iges file (*.iges)