Our injection mold tools are built directly from your 3D CAD file. This software is linked directly to our CNC machines, which allows us to quickly produce prototype and production tooling in aluminum or steel. We can build molds from interchangeable inserts to fully automated tooling to meet your needs. Our staff can recommend a wide selection of engineered plastics. RapidPro can mold very small, complex, close tolerance parts as well as very large parts. Vertical presses are also available to produce cable assemblies and other complicated insert molding. We also offer a full line of secondary part fabrication options such as ultrasonic welders with custom horns and fixtures, bonding, heat staking, and assembly.


Primary equipment includes, milling machines, surface grinders, lathes, Clausing, Die Sinking EDM/Elox. All fabrication tooling, holders and inspection equipment necessary to complete any injection mold project. 

  • Press Capacity
  • Ounce Shot Capacity
  • Spacing between tie bars
  • Mold Height Capacity
  • SPC
  • Horizontal and Vertical Clamp capability
  •  Up to 300 ton
  • 1.25 to 29
  • 8.3" by 8.3" to 25" by 24"
  • 5.8" to 11.7" to 8" to 25"
  • Full monitoring process parameters  

    Class 100,000 clean tent (certified per Fed-Std 209D) which encloses the clamp of the machine. Coordinate measuring machines with .0001 resolution, 100x capability, computer integrated with non-contact measurement of angles, radii and datum’s including memory recall and calculation of features locations. Support equipment includes; full range of calipers, micrometers, depth gages, surface plates, pin gages and durometer, all with calibration traceable to NIST standards.