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Divot Golf 200x200Divot Disc

The highly durable, specially selected microfiber surface accurately provides visible feedback of the path and orientation of the clubhead after it contacts the surface. This surface material is also sensitive enough to accurately detect and display the roll characteristics of a golf ball putted over its surface.

Vapor Nature

Vapor Saver

Coming Soon!  A first of its kind case that protects all vapor devices from the elements such as snow, ice, water, dirt, dust and mud. Its elegant yet impact resistant design, allows you to use your device inside the Vapor Saver. Now you can enjoy the vape while enjoying an active outdoor lifestyle.

polygator logo new 


The Poly-Gator is a multi-functional irrigation tool that provides contractors and homeowners with just one easy to use tool that will perform all the functions necessary to install and repair underground sprinkler systems. .

wings cosmetics

Classic Eyeliner Tool

This one-of-a-kind, first generation, patented eyeliner applicator will give you Classic Eyeliner in 3 simple steps.  In a matter of seconds you will be ready for work, an evening out, a simple dinner or just hanging around the house looking amazing.

hang tight

HangTight - Your extra hand on an extentsion ladder! Hang cordless drills, power tools, nail guns, toolbags and more. HangTight is compact and lightweight, can hold up to 35 lbs, does not interfer with ladder operation and increases productivity and safety.